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Arguing with a husky

Posted by BoutWithGout on Wednesday, January 21, 2015,
Can't win an argument with a husky
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Got Goals? Get SMARTER

Posted by BoutWithGout on Monday, January 5, 2015,

Another new year, another resolution?  Here’s an idea to make it work this time or at least make it a little more successful than your previous new year resolutions.  It’s an approach that is used quite effectively in the business world so why not use it in other non-business situations, including your personal new year resolutions.  

The first step to your New Year's Resolution is to clearly define the goal.  It takes a little bit of work but that just shows that you are serious about thi...

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About Me

I'm a blogger hit with gout early when I was in my 20s (now a couple of decades ago). But I just can't give up biking, running, hiking, and just being able to be out and about exploring places. As an office worker, an organizational psychologist/data analyst, I tend to be sedentary so getting up and about is a must. But as a psychologist and data geek, I'm interested in the psychological aspects of gout as well as the data. And really, I just want to share what I learn about gout, what works for me (and doesn't work). Gout is a very personal battle and each individual is unique. I'm not an MD, so please take heed and always check with your physician.

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