Believe it or not but I lowered my cholesterol level and blood pressure within 4 months.  I've always had borderline-high cholesterol, always above 200 since I started testing over 10 years ago.  In June this year, before I started training for Seattle-to-Portland 204 mile bike ride, I decided to not only train my legs or physical strengths but to also change my diet to make sure I endure and to make myself lighter--thanks to long-time friend who's also a jogger and runner who made this brilliant recommendation.  I met the goals of improving my endurance and stamina but I also happened to cover another longer-term goal which is to improve my cholesterol.  And for me, this diet regimen seems to be the magic bullet!  Finally, after years of high cholesterol, I am back to normal levels.  I went from 234 total cholesterol  in June to 182 in October.  The results show in the numbers but also I feel the changes in my body. I'm lighter, awake, and able to run/bike longer.  The challenge now is to keep these numbers normal and keep this diet regimen of blendered fruits and veggies exciting, fresh, and at least steady esp through the winter months.

It's hard to find the right mix of fruits and veggies in the blender. It's not easy and cheap to experiment with the right mix but so far I've found a couple of mixtures that I have found tasty and enjoyable.  Celery, one of the highly recommended vegetables low in purines, low in calories, and high in fiber is a must and I try to always have it in the fridge.  It's watery property is great for the blender and its juice extract makes for a very nice mix with other vegetables. I usually mix it with carrots and then with either apples or watermelon--depending on the season for natural sweetening.  This so far is one of my favorite combinations--it's simple, easy to make, inexpensive, and tasty.  Plus I get my Vitamins A and C and fiber.

But one nice thing about the effort I put into this is that I feel the results. Nothing more rewarding than getting paid for your efforts.  The pay is I feel more energetic and I don't feel tired after meals. It's a rewarding feeling to be up and about and to have the energy to do stuff.