This is a must hike when visiting or living in Western Washington.  We got to do this this past summer so I'm not sure how the experience would be this time of year especially when it has been freezing this past few weeks.  

The hike is about an hour drive from Seattle.  The hike is a short 2 mile roundtrip hike from the parking lot and it's pretty flat so it was perfect for our toddler.  He walked all the way but he wanted to be carried the way back.  We could have brought the stroller and the trail was suitable for strollers but we didn't do that.  Still, it wasn't too bad carrying the toddler because the trail is flat and pretty smooth.  The scenery was amazing and it was pretty cool to see ice in August.  It'll be interesting to keep going back to this trail yearly and monitor the movement of the shape of the ice.  The ice is getting smaller every year so I really do hope we get to see and enjoy these amazing ice caves for a long time.