Time to train for Seattle to Portland (STP) Bike Ride again.  This will be my second time but this is my first time attempting to ride all 204 miles in one day!  The fun part is the training rides I do around the Seattle area.  It truly is a great biking town.  I have lived in a number of places and I think it is so easy to find a 100 mile bike route in the Seattle area without having to worry about connecting trails or going back and forth on the same stretch of trail.  And on top of that, the scenery is spectacular.  From snow-capped mountains, to sparkling lakes, to towering high-rises, to soaring eagles-- refreshing sights that can make you forget about those stiff legs or sore butt.  During this past weekend's 85-mile ride, I got to witness not one but two draw bridges go up right in front of me (Fremont and Montlake).  Maybe it's just the kid in me but how cool is that?