It is finally getting warmer, the daylight is getting longer, and there are more and more and sunny days in the Northwest!  And with all the biking and running events coming up in the next few months, I really have to ramp up my training.  The struggle lately has been just trying to find consistency.  The weather seems to help a bit especially now with the longer days.  That means I can get out and run or bike even after dinner.  It also helps that it's still warm in the evening.  The goal of working out at least 4x a week is much more feasible.  I can also add kayaking and hiking to my routine now that it is warmer. 
I knew that moving to the Pacific Northwest was going to require me to workout despite the weather elements.  So I invested in some rain gears for biking and running.  I even now find running in the Seattle rain a bit refreshing.  It's not too cold and it doesn't usually pour down so hard (unlike in the DC region).  So I think it's manageable and can be quite enjoyable.  But because of rainy weather in the last couple of weeks, I've chosen to run more than to bike.  I have yet to get comfortable riding in steady rain.