It'll be a different running and biking scenery out here in Seattle.  No more Monument, Memorials, White House, and Capitol.  It's not necessarily a bad thing because now I get to run in a different scenery with evergreeen trees and snow-capped mountains as the backdrop.  I'm still in an urban setting so I'm surrounded by trails that go through the city, through some wooded areas, next to a freeway, and by a lake.  Having a variety of options to choose from when deciding which jogging route to do is awesome.  
But with the move, the packing, unpacking, and getting settled, it has been a struggle finding consistency in my running routine.  The weather hasn't also been consistently spring-like either in Seattle.  But knowing that the weather is part of the package, I knew I have to be prepared to run in the rain.  I ran a couple of times in the rain already and it has actually been quite refreshing.  
It'll be a very interesting couple of months especially as summer approaches.  I hope to get lots of biking and running, and maybe even a few hikes done in this new home.