It is absolutely tough for those in the north to get out and run or bike or do anything outdoors this time of year.  The new year got many of us fired up but the cold winter months slowed us down.  It is hard to stay consistent with my runs lately.  But whenever I get outside to run, I find a great opportunity to work on my speed (rather than distance).  It is too cold to be out for a long time and my feet and fingers get numb after a mile or so.  So this is probably the best time to work on my speed and run fast to beat the cold, warm up faster, and get back inside sooner!  

The inconsistency, gout doesn't like.  There are a number of days when I'll be able to run and work out consistently but all of a sudden because of a cold front, I struggle to muster up for a cold weather run and end up sitting in the couch watching TV.  I've had small warnings of an oncoming gout and that's when I pay attention to it and do something about it.  Treadmills, I'm not a big fan of especially knowing how much funner the outdoor scenery is.  But I've been having to try it this winter just to get moving.  One mile or so is enough though.  It is, however, a good way to measure improvements in my run in a consistent manner.  

It is difficult to keep in tiptop shape this winter and I don't think I'm alone on that but there are some activities to keep us moving still.  Just gotta muster up and move away from the warmth of the couch and the heat generated by the TV.