Another Seattle to Portland (STP) in the books.  This was my 3rd one since 2012.  However, this time I didn't not finish due to knee pain.  I was pain free and felt good up until mile 95, approaching the midpoint.  I was still about 5 miles out when all of a sudden, I felt some pinching pain in my left knee as I hit the down pedal strokes.  The last 5 miles before Centralia were brutal for me.  I had to go super slow as in 5mph.  I had to stop and get off the bike about 10 times that last 5 miles.  Upon reaching the Centralia stop, I decided to call it off before it got worse.  The 2nd half of the STP ride has actually more rolling hills so I knew it was going to be impossible to complete another 100 miles.   

So while waiting for my ride to meet me at Centralia, I got a meal, got to take a little nap, and even got a free bike fitting.  It turns out that this bike fitting was what I have been missing all these years.  Before this, I have adjusted my saddle, handle bar, shoes, etc. here and there but I never quite had it perfectly.  Something always hurts after some long distance on the saddle and I thought it was just normal and that it was all part of the long bike ride experience.  I didn't really believe in getting bike fitting done professionally, especially because I knew that bike fitting costs a lot of money and that I kinda thought that what new information will I get from it.  

Well, it turns out that it was something that I needed and should have done a long time ago.  The guy, who is a physical therapist, really did a good job and I would highly recommend him to other cyclists.  He adjusted pretty much everything on my bike while explaining to me the rationale for each adjustment.  And it all started to make sense.  

This bike fitting now got me riding longer distance and I'm able to enjoy really long bike rides.  So I would highly recommend bike fitting if you're gonna get serious about long distance bike rides.