I've lived here in the Pacific Northwest for a total of 12 years since 1990 and I just realized that the best way to view and experience these SeaFair festivities is from the seat of my bike. I rode the Lake Washington loop on my bike for a total of about 40 miles.  I made several stops to just experience and soak in the SeaFair excitement. I started on the east side down to Coulon Beach.  It's also an excellent stop to get some fish and chips from Ivar's or some burger and fries from Kidd Valley.  From there, I rode to the southern tip of the Lake Washington loop and go up to Seward Park. I rode around Seward Park and stopped at the sandy beach with the view of downtown Seattle skyline to watch some of the air show activities.  I was there right before noon while the park was still quiet, almost empty, but the crowd was sure piling in and securing their spots for the main air show in the afternoon.  I, then, started back up to trek my way towards I-90 bridge.  Along the way, I saw the hydroplane races and other water activities on the lake.  It was a little crowded there so I got back on the saddle and rode up to I-90 to look for the best viewing spot for the main air show.  I found a spot right near under the I-90 bridge where it was nice and cool.  But I ended up moving around and tried to get up to the top portion of the floating bridge on the west end.  The bridge was packed with pedestrians but it was closed to car traffic.  Most of the aerial acrobats were done right above the bridge and I snapped a few good pics.  It was surely a great day to be on the bike and I think I picked the right spots to ride.
Lake Washington loop on Seafair weekend.