Glad that I was able to run the Seahawks 12K this April, despite having no rigorous and systematic preparation leading up to the longest race I have ever done.  The only training I did was a 4-mile run about a month before the race.  I just simply couldn't muster up the energy and couldn't find the time to run long distance.  I was running 2-3 miles almost 5x a week for several months so I guess that was helpful.  I wasn't sure how my feet and stamina would react when I jump from a 3miler to a 7.5 miler.  Plus I was a little sore and tired from the day before working on a DIY project that had me working all day long.  This race is the longest I've ever done, ever.  The last long run I did was 6 miles last year, and an MCM10K 2 years ago.  And to my surprise, it was pretty easy and I felt that I could still go another mile or so.  So maybe a half-marathon next?!?  
Part of it was probably the weather which was so nice.  It was in the high 40s/low 50s, sunny, and not very much wind working against me.  There weren't a lot of big hills either but it's not flat at all.  And plus, maybe it was the atmosphere and the fellow runners who kept me distracted and entertained.  It was a fun race and I hope to do it yearly now.  We'll see about that half-marathon.  Will be turning 40 this year and so this body is not getting any younger.