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STP one-day finish!

Posted by BoutwithGout on Monday, August 18, 2014,
It was my first Seattle-to-Portland one-day ride.  It was my 2nd STP; the first time took me 2 days.  130 miles the first day and 70 miles the following day.  This 2014 STP was brutal because of the heat that got up to mid-90s especially around the middle of the ride at around 100 miles.  I started cramping up after the mid-point stop at Olympia and I actually started to turn around ready to call it quits.  I figured that I wouldn't be able to finish even if I rested a while. But the cramps e...
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SeaFair from the seat of my bike

Posted by Boutwithgout on Thursday, August 8, 2013,
I've lived here in the Pacific Northwest for a total of 12 years since 1990 and I just realized that the best way to view and experience these SeaFair festivities is from the seat of my bike. I rode the Lake Washington loop on my bike for a total of about 40 miles.  I made several stops to just experience and soak in the SeaFair excitement. I started on the east side down to Coulon Beach.  It's also an excellent stop to get some fish and chips from Ivar's or some burger and fries from Kidd Va...
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About Me

I'm a blogger hit with gout early when I was in my 20s (now a couple of decades ago). But I just can't give up biking, running, hiking, and just being able to be out and about exploring places. As an office worker, an organizational psychologist/data analyst, I tend to be sedentary so getting up and about is a must. But as a psychologist and data geek, I'm interested in the psychological aspects of gout as well as the data. And really, I just want to share what I learn about gout, what works for me (and doesn't work). Gout is a very personal battle and each individual is unique. I'm not an MD, so please take heed and always check with your physician.

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