Thankful for family, friends, and food.  I'm also thankful that despite the semi-feasting and the changes in my routine this whole week with family in town, looks like I'll be scathe-free with no gout episode.  I tried to stick to the veggies/fruits smoothie routine at least one a day. There was a slight increase in each of the meal portions but overall I managed to stay on top of it.  I had some feeling of discomfort in my gouty toe but that seems to have gone away. Thanksgiving is usually a challenge for this gout sufferer but I think this year is a different year in that I've discovered healthier "feast" foods and also steadfast in sticking to my exercise routine despite the cold temperature. The investment in cold-weather gear for biking and running is paying off and I'm able to still get outside.  It's a better holiday this time around in terms of this bout with gout and just being gout-free has got me thankful already!