These winter months' challenge is to stay active and to stay fit.  Riding the Seattle to Portland (STP) Bicycle Classic the summer of 2012 got me hooked to staying fit! I got addicted not only to that feeling of reaching the finish line but to that feeling of just overall feeling great, light, with more bounce to my steps! I think I can say that this training regimen has kept me feeling in tiptop shape and probably in the best shape of my life. I'm not as strong or as fast as when I was in my 20s and in the military where staying in shape is mandatory but I did feel great and healthy as I trained for STP this past summer. Recently, I finished the Marine Corp Marathon 10K, my first running event ever. I really am not a runner; I am one of those who really naturally do not like to run. But over the past couple of months, I've learned to love running and it's something I do now recreationally and there are days I feel incomplete if I haven't gone running.  Training for this 10K was a great motivator to keep me striving to maintain steady strides with no stopping/walking for a long time and really to not pass out. Now the challenge is to maintain this diet and training regimen and this active lifestyle into the winter months. I think I got the running and biking bugs and will be looking forward to the next challenges but these winter months, these events are rare and few, unless I can afford to travel to Florida, California, or Hawaii.  We'll see what we can do to stay in training mode even though the next goal event has yet to be determined.  The next one I'm seeing is in the spring --the Cherry Blossoms 10-miler in DC. 10-miler is my next goal so this should be perfect. But in the meantime, got to stay in training mode!