Working out in the Pacific NorthWest

Loving the great outdoors in this Pacific NorthWest summer.  For me, the best way to see these views and really enjoy them is via bike or running shoes.  These spectacular sceneries can easily make a 50-mile bike ride or a 5-mile run a breeze.  

Check out these trails I've enjoyed so far this summer:

Green Lake Trail- 2.8 miles of paved running and biking trail around Green Lake.  It's a nice relaxing trail with lots of other runners and walkers but can get really busy during warm summer afternoons.

Lake Washington Loop bike ride - can easily be a 40 to 50 mile loop going around Lake Washington.  There are several ways to complete the loop but my favorite is the northern route through Burke-Gilman Trail, Sammamish Trail, up through Redmond, and Bellevue, then I-90 trail to I-90 Floating Bridge, and then back up to Lake Washington Boulevard towards University of Washington.    

Mountain to Sound Trail - I make this part of my Lake Washington half-loop to go through the I-90 Floating Bridge.  It's an east/west trail but it connects with various other north/south rides like the Lake WA loop, Lake Sammamish loop.  

Multnomah Falls, east of Portland, OR - a nice and easy hike that can be combined with a visit to this majestic waterfalls just 30 minutes east of Portland.  The climb to the top of the waterfalls is about 600 ft. 

The Vancouver Seawall - Goes around Vancouver, BC.  Incredible sights of this beautiful city, with lots of great eats along the way.  One stop I've done is in Yaletown for some really good sashimi salad.  There are a lot of other great stops like in Granville for some ice cream or fish and chips.  This would be an awesome all-day activity on a bike or even a run.  I would bike it to cover more distance including the restaurant stops and a chill-stop at Stanley Park.

Alki Beach Trail - This is a long paved trail with spectacular views of the Seattle skyline and of the various Seattle water activities.    Very entertaining especially during the warm summer months.  It's a very popular destination and can get very busy.

Ride from Seattle to Vancouver, BC - An awesome 2-day ride: first day from Seattle to Bellingham, 2nd day from Bellingham to Vancouver, BC.  Read more..

Working out in the Washington, DC Metro Area

Riding Northern Virginia and Washington DC bike trails - nice place for exercise with nice scenery, a nice mixture of natural, historic, and suburbish trail. I've lived here for some years now  and have noticed that the scenery, the diversions, have helped me gain some distance in my runs and rides. Some parts are relaxing, some are entertaining, some are educational, and some parts just really keep you on your toes.  Check out this video and my channel for a sampling of some of the rides in the area.

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